The Grog Invasion

Chronicles of the Llandoddies, The Grog Invasion. An illustrated book for children from 9 to 99 written and illustrated by David Bellamy under his psuedonum Griswallt ap Llechitwyt. A mixture of adventure and mad-cap humour.

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Whilst out on Llandrindod Lake on a fishing trip, Big Dewi, Little Dewi and Essie stumble on a Grog war-fleet intent on raiding their home at Aberdod and laying it waste. How can the three Doddie friends warn their chums and families in time to stop the slaughter? Chased across the countryside, they seek help from the eccentric and unpredictable Witch Coarsecakle. As they approach her castle the action hots up into a frantic cocktail of whacky, terrifying chaos and spomduffery. The fast pace and mad-cap humour will not let you put it down until you reach the end.

published by YLolfa

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