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Save £8.97 when you buy these three Arctic expedition DVD's by David Bellamy. Follow David and his friend Torben Sorensen as they travel to some of the most hostile environments in the world, two expeditions to Greenland and one to Svalbard in search of wilderness and adventure. Normal price is £12.99 each

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The following 3 DVD's are not art instruction but contain many of David's finished paintings.

1. Seventy Degrees North

Bouncing across mountain passes and frozen sea on dog sleds whilst trying to sketch and paint, and living in remote huts in very primitive conditions at temperatures well below freezing was a unique experience. Even though he was filming and taking a great many photographs, David returned with one of the best colelction of expedition sketchbooks he has ever done

2. In Search of the Ice Bear

This film follows the boat-based expedition made by David and five friends to the far north-west region of Spitsbergen, to sketch and paint the spectacular Arctic scenery and wildlife. Highlights include encounters with polar bears and walruses. David is joined by Tony Brown, Richard and Rosemary Hale, Torben Sorensen and Will Williams. At the end of the film are many of David’s sketches done on the expedition and paintings completed shortly afterwards, accompanied by his commentary.  Running time  60 minutes approx.

3. Arctic Adventures in a Leaky Boat

David’s fascination with the Arctic continues unabated in this latest of his Arctic adventures with his indomitable friend Torben Sorensen. This time they set out to explore Tasermiut Fjord in southern Greenland in a Zodiac only to find out as they were 
setting off that the boat had a leak. Unperturbed they carried on in their usual carefree fashion to escape into a wilderness of ice, rock and sublime scenery where they are most at home.