Start to Paint with Pastels Book by Jenny Keal

paperback - 112 pages - full colour throughout - five stage by stage demonstrations - Published by Search Press - signed copies available. This book was previously published as Painting with Pastels. The new edition has more pages and larger step by step images.

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Book Description by the Publisher, Search Press

An inspiring and creative introduction to painting with soft (chalk) pastels. 

'With pastel books being thin on the ground, any new edition is welcome and this is a rather excellent look at what the medium can do as well as a well-thought out manual on how to do it.' Review of the previous edition by

The new edition of Jenny Keal's popular book Painting with Pastels is an inspiring and creative introduction to painting in this medium. Focusing on soft (chalk) pastels, this clear, simple-to-understand book encourages you to explore the materials and methods needed to get started with pastels. Jenny begins by introducing you to a variety of techniques, and looks at sketchbooks and photographs as a way of gathering source material. There are then five stunning step-by-step projects for the reader to choose from, covering a range of subjects from flowers to landscapes and coastal scenes, and designed to build on the basic skills covered in the earlier sections of the book. Here you will learn about creating atmosphere, colour, tone, composition and perspective, and before you realise it you will have all the skills you need to create your own beautiful pastel paintings.