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  1. Dear David,

    I have been an admirer of your work for a few years now and I am working my way through a copy of your Watercolour Landscape Course at the moment. I now live in south Florida where the light and scenery is very different from the moody atmosphere of the UK. I have a lot of your books but nowhere in them do you tackle the these aspects and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers for achieving some local paintings or indeed if you are going to come to a tropical location for creating a new book.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge on the subject of watercolours.


    • Thanks, Paula for your comments on painting tropical scenes. As you say, it does need a different approach to painting atmospheric UK scenery. I haven’t painted in Florida, but I have done some tropical work in the past, mainly in East Africa, and lots of desert scenery more recently. I’ll dig out something appropriate when I have a moment and put up a post on it, as I’m sure many others would appreciate knowing how to resolve your problem. Many thanks and enjoy your painting. David

  2. Thank you David for taking time out of your busy schedule to not only reply but to say that you will put up something that deals with hotter climates. Where I am in south florida it is very lush with palm trees and tropical plants and not really very desert like except for the white sands at the beaches. Probably the intensity of light is the same though. I look forward to reading your blog on your east Africa and desert scenery.


    • Paula, I’m posting a blog tomorrow which covers a desert scene – the best I can do at the moment regarding hot, tropical climates, and I will do another on intensity of light before long.

      I’ve failed to find any subject exactly as you have requested, but I hope to return to East Africa next winter and will hopefully get something closer to your needs then.

      Best wishes with your painting,


  3. Thank you once again for taking time to reply to my comment. I look forward to reading your post on the desert scene and your future post on intensity of light. I just keep on practicing but begin to wonder if watercolour is the right medium for the vibrant colour down here. I will persevere and hopefully one day be able to produce a painting worthy of your instruction books.


  4. Dear Jenny,
    I tried to order on line and Israel does indeed appear but when I got to the check-out I was asked for World Pay which I don’t have. I wanted to order the large wash brush, the Painting Water and Rescuing Watercolour DVDs. Could you possibly bring a wash brush to the Zermatt course. If you are able to bring the DVDs, great if not the brush would be also great. Will I be paying in cash (which currency) or do you take credit cards?

    Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you very soon.

    Louise Windzberg.

    • Hi Louise, Worldpay is a credit/debit card portal, you do not need to have an account, just use your Mastercard or Visa.

  5. Hi David, Please could you tell me if you are planning any demonstrations or events in the north west? Love your work! Thank you for your time. Stephen Harrison.

    • Hello Stephen, We don’t have any plans to visit the North West this year but we will be in Cumbria in May to run a painting course, details will be on the website soon. If we are invited by an art society to do a demonstration at the same time we may consider it. I hope this helps.

    • Hello Mark,
      Sorry to be so long in replying but I’ve been away from home. I regret to say there are no prints available. Regards, David

  6. Hello Jenny, I have your book Painting with Pastels and have watched demonstrations on You Tube. I love painting with pastels but I have many questions! I was wondering if you have classes in the south of England?
    Best Wishes. Anne

    • Not at the moment Ann, but watch the website, under events and if I am holding a workshop in the south I will list it under events.

  7. Hi David
    I have bought one of your paintings “On the prowl” I love it but am not sure it is original as I see you use it as an illustration on your site. Can you confirm its provenance ?

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