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  1. I bought your latest book and love it and your colorful artwork. I am fairly new to pastel pencils. Am presently working on a farmland landscape and would like to know what colors would you choose to paint the sky “during summer.” Would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you. Luda Kosenko/Baltimore, MD

  2. Jenny, how or where can I purchase your DVD? I have searched and can’t seem to find it. Love, love your work!!!
    Thank You!

  3. I have always admired watercolour paintings and have never felt capable of mixing colours. I seem to be able to sketch reasonably well but trees, skies leave me bewildered. I am hoping with various books I am gathering of David’s expertise to have a determined go. Thank you David your books are excellent. My son has challenged me to do a painting of Snowdon-well here goes………………

    • Hello Marc-Andre, I apologise for the delay in replying I have been in hospital. We don’t have a system for downloads of films but I have been in touch with my technical expert and he is looking into it. I am sure we will be able to come up with something, even if it is on a one off basis. I will be in touch when we have some news. Kind regards Jenny

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