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One of my great enjoyments is keeping an illustrated journal, although because of a lack of time it tends to be rather intermittent – it’s just so stress-free to paint or sketch for yourself and add notes about your experiences, and this is especially rewarding on a holiday or journey. I am therefore pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Leisure Painter Magazine over the next six months to offer a monthly competition to encourage folk to get out and try their hand at producing a journal. Jakar International have kindly agreed to supply the monthly prizes, so do please have a look at the current (April) issue of Leisure Painter.
     The illustration shown right is taken from my sketchbook-journal done on a visit to Holland, and shows the typical notes I often add beside the picture. I don’t really class this as a sketch, as I feel it is more of a diagram drawn solely to illustrate the fascinating architectural styles in Old Amsterdam. I had no intention of creating a finished painting from this: it was done for my enjoyment, although many other sketches in the A4 book were intended as sources for future paintings. Working this way, with no pressure to produce a brilliant piece of artwork can be liberating as well as helping your work to improve.

The houses varied from colourful to a more drab colour, so it’s a good idea to pick out those colours that appeal most to you, rather than paint every house exactly as you see it before you. Note that I have run most of the house colours into one another, rather than paint each one with individual exactitude. I have left out a great many windows, but feel I should have omitted even more, or at least reduced the strength of detail is some.

I shall look forward to seeing how you all fare in these competitions, and I must point out that this is not limited to those who travel far and wide – you are very welcome to join in even if you are house-bound, and there are many ideas for you in my current article in Leisure Painter. Make sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

7 thoughts on “David Bellamy – Creating an illustrated journal

  1. I am lucky to have my copy of LP and your lovely article. It is so informative and beautifully illustrated , sure to fire the imagination. Personally, time is very limited at present but I will absorb every word when time allows. Thanks David

  2. I did a weekend trip to Holland in the 1960s, and can vouch fo the buildinds. Yours is a vibrant sketch and show Amsterdam as it was/is I guess. I also subs ribe to Leisure Painter and will look out for your addition. I am too sick to paint right now but look forward to your views etc.

  3. I am lucky enough to have travelled on holiday since the early ‘90s and doing sketches and keeping a log where ever we have been , all in or oA5 Moleskiine watercolour pads, extremely versatile.From as far North as Svalbard and South as Ushuaia and Capetown .Aukland in the East and Alaska to the west.Some sketches are nearly a full blown painting,others A very quick sketch.BUT they are all a better ‘memory ‘Than a photo.Most of the travelling in the last 10 Years has been on cruise ships.
    All being well I shall send an entry from one of my logs in the next day or two.

  4. Muy atractiva manera de bocetar. La idea de resumir y elegir los colores muy interesante. Yo añado notas a mis bocetos sobre todo de aspectos ambientales. En este caso tienen más información.
    Gracias por la idea.

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