David Bellamy – Hang on to your sketchbook!

For the past seven months we’ve had the inconvenience of Erwood Bridge being closed for repairs. It’s also badly affected the Erwood Station Craft Centre, a very popular stop for refreshments between north and south Wales, and of course, well renowned for its crafts. Apparently it will be re-opening very soon, and you will be able to get your mule and your goods across the Wye in one go!

The Wye is a bit of a pig to cross without the aid of the bridge. I did it once, but fell in fully clothed, slipping on a rock under water. Happily I clung on to my sketchbook, so it didn’t get wet. I keep an A5 one in a bum bag which I stick round my neck if I’m going into deep water, and thus can easily hold it high above my head if I get swept away. Don’t try that at home, please!

Anyway, we’re hoping it will be a great year for the centre, especially as they’ve put so much effort into making it the amazing place it is today. Yes, closing the bridge was necessary for the repairs, but why so long? It’s a lovely place in spring, and is the start of some superb walks, so why not pay them a visit? You can also see some of the paintings I’ve just delivered to them. They are situated on the east bank of the River Wye about half a mile north of Erwood and some 6 or 7 miles south of Builth Wells. Don’t forget, for a while yet the bridge will be closed so you need to come up the east side via Boughrood from the south, or down the A4567 from the north. Ring the Erwood Station Crafts Centre on 01982 560674 if you need directions. They will be delighted to welcome you.

2 thoughts on “David Bellamy – Hang on to your sketchbook!

  1. thank you for your website. it’s superbe with and all the advice, dommage qu’il ne soit pas translate en français.

  2. I love the station craft centre and we are moving to Builth Wells permanently in August and the bridge will give easier access to everyone. At least it will be in time for the tourist season which I am sure is very important to them. I will visiting the craft centre this weekend so look forward to seeing your work rather than in your books(I have all of them).

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