Every time I’ve been away this year my hiking and sketching has been accompanied by so much wind and rain that it may well put one off these activities, but no, it’s just great to get out into the wilds. Having recently finished my next practical book, which will be published next year, it’s a marvellous sense of freedom. I’ll say more about that book in another blog before long, but this time I must mention my Complete Guide to Landscapes book which is just out this month. It’s a big 288-page volume that has been put together by Search Press from my previous 4 how-to books: Mountains & Moorlands, Skies, Light & Atmosphere, Seas & Shorelines and Landscapes Through the Seasons. It’s a very comprehensive guide to painting landscapes, and at £19.99 good value if you don’t already have any of the original books.

You can obtain the book directly from Search Press if you wish: www.searchpress.com Email: sales@searchpress.com telephone 01892 510850

Please note that we have now closed our own online shop that was linked to my website. After many stalwart years of keeping it going, so often with many battles coping gallantly with constant online changes and hassles , Jenny has decided to retire. I shall endeavour to carry on painting and writing as it is the main thing that keeps me (relatively) sane in such a mad world.


  1. Another beautiful book now on order ! Although I have every one of your publications I shall treasure this one as a useful ‘go-to’ book for perfect reference. I wish Jenny a lovely well deserved retirement with you, her beautiful garden and precious hedgehogs and know she will be supporting you as always along the way. Please keep painting and blogging to keep US all sane. Very best wishes David, Gill.

  2. Hello David..You won’t remember me but I met you a long time ago in south Yorkshire and bought a painting..I have all your books to date…I just must say how much I connect to your message..I have leukaemia (still fit n well) but unable to mix socially as vulnerable…so I paint daily..it keeps me sane..my style is very similar to your own and I too have a published book and now listed..we older folk must keep up the traditional style.
    Thank you.

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