Morocco art competition – Final stage

My entry for the Cox & Kings competition is finished.The final stage of any painting is a dangerous time. The temptation to put in every detail is great but it must be resisted. In the photograph which I posted on 28th October, (you can see this if you scroll back through my blog) there were a lot of trees and bushes so these have to be simplified. Also the hillsides were dotted with scrubby bushes but to include all of those would be spotty and distracting.

morocco stage5asm

There was no obvious pathway leading the eye into the painting so I created one that led towards my focal point, the building. I had moved the building closer to the wadi so that it fell in a more pleasing location, directly below the main peak of the mountain and within the Golden Section. The strongest tonal contrast is on the building and I have added a figure, a Berber woman in bright clothing which I had found in my 1993 Morocco sketchbook.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and I want to thank Katie Parsons of Cox and Kings for inviting me to take part. It was the incentive I needed to get painting again after a long absence.  I wish my fellow competitors good luck.

12 thoughts on “Morocco art competition – Final stage

  1. This painting is so good and particularly like the mountains- so realistic and full of atmosphere . Wouldn’t expact any less from David
    Rita Brown

  2. looks absolutely stunning Jenny … or lose you must be extremely pleased with the finished piece… of luck

  3. It’s beautiful, Jenny, and I hope you win. It’s a brilliant piece and it has been so interesting to watch it develop. Thank you.

  4. it started off full of anticipation and now its finished you should be very proud of your work its stunning and full of atmosphere.

  5. Well done Jenny! It is a beautiful picture, full of wonderful colours and I hope you win. Thank you for sharing the whole painting process with us- it has been fascinating and has inspired me to get my pastels out!! Beverley.

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