Painting view blocked by a mounted army

How often have you been out sketching or painting a favourite view, when just after you’ve put brush to paper a dirty great truck comes along and parks right in the way of your view? It’s pretty frustrating, though up in the mountains I’m normally spared that sort of thing, apart from a very occasional helicopter making a nuisance of itself.

It’s a right turn-up though when you find your subject blocked by an army of mounted knights, all in full armour with shields, swords, spears and helmets gleaming in the sunshine. The best weapon I was carrying was a number ten round sable, not much use against that crowd! Luckily, Marloes Beach is huge and when the tide is out there is plenty of room even for several hundred knights together with several hundred artists, if it came to the push, so Jenny and I drifted off to the south end of the beach and found a superb subject set against a delightful, shimmering sea.

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