Pastel in Serbian, French and Italian

Pastel in Serbian, French & Italian
Great excitement this morning – my book, Painting with Pastels, has just been released in Italian, French and Serbian. From time to time I’ve been asked if there was a version in French or Italian and even once for a Serbian edition. So for those of you who speak one of those three languages and would like a copy in your own language, just let me know.
During these cold, drab winter months, getting out to sketch and paint in the countryside can be an effort. How much nicer to stay in the warm and work on a painting indoors. However, occasionally we are lucky enough to get a bright sunny day in the depths of winter and then there is no excuse, even if it is freezing cold, time to break out those hats and gloves.
Wye Valley
 Winter sunshine seems somehow cleaner and crisper than the summer sun and winter colours are much more interesting than the ubiquitous green of summer.
This photograph of Aberedw rocks, just above where we live was taken a few days ago on a bright sunny afternoon. The climb up the hill to get here soon warmed me up and I was able to sit and sketch for half an hour before the cold penetrated. Sitting in the sun rather than the shade helped to extend the time available.
The mist kept coming and going but the low sun on the trees and the warm colour of the bracken really enlived the scene. Compare the blue of the distant hill with the warmth of the nearer slope. A good example of recession.

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