Thanks to Old Proggie you can now leave comments

HI!!!  This is Old Proggie – you’ll know me if you’ve read The Grog Invasion, the first volume in the definitive guide to the Chronicles of the Llandoddies. Anyway, old Bellamy has packed his lederhosen and pencils, and is making his way to the Swiss Alps, leaving me in charge of the blog…..well, plus Jenny and numerous clockwork penguins of course, but while she’s in the garden I have free rein.

None of that poncy art stuff here, I’m afraid, unless you regard me (see left) as a rather dashing work of art. No, being the brains behind it all, I shall be trying to improve matters for the blognoscenti. I see that some of you are not able to leave comments so I’ve done some investigating, and already I’ve found that the old fool hasn’t been clicking some of his buttons properly. So now anyone should be able to make comments (give him some cheek!), not just registered users of the blog.

I also thought some psychedelic fairies would enhance the blog masthead, and perhaps add a View a complete profile of Old Proggie page, so watch this space. Trouble is, he’ll change it all when he gets back………..

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Old Proggie you can now leave comments

  1. I’ve got my eye on you Proggie so don’t think you can get up to mischief whilst the Old Walrus is away yodelling in the Alps.

  2. Great blog. Love it. Love the art, even love Old Proggie and that is saying something! Looking forward to more of the same.

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