How to paint in the dark

We’re been experiencing some dreadfully gloomy days of late, where even in the middle of the day it’s been incredibly dark, which makes painting by natural light impossible. It’s hard to see what colour you’re using at times. Switching on an ordinary light will produce a warm colour cast which can often end with strange results when eventually you view the finished work in natural daylight.

For as long as I remember, I’ve been using the marvellous lamps produced by The Daylight Company. The lamps come in many forms – some like a normal angle-poise light, some as short strip-lights as you see in the photograph, some with large magnifying glasses incorporated in the structure – I have several, and their bright, cool light is an ideal substitute for daylight. It’s also invaluable when you have to work well into those dark evenings. Another great asset is that when your eyesight is not quite what it used to be these lights do help enormously. For the artist they are a real boon, and The Daylight Company is a pleasure to deal with. Check out their website to view their full range. Craft stores, knitting shops and of course art shops are places to find them, but make sure you see their full range first to make sure you get the lamp that suits you best. Don’t let those mid-winter blues get the better of you!

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