David Bellamy’s Arabian Light book

This book provides a fascinating and often entertaining insight into the Middle East, and is packed with David’s watercolours and sketches of the region. It describes the history, culture and geography of the region, how it was viewed through the eyes of the early explorers and the Orientalist painters, together with his observations of the dramatic scenery and colourful characters. From early days in South Arabia, expeditions in Egypt, exploring the fabulous city of Petra in Jordan, he travels to the awesome canyons of Oman, into the mountains of Lebanon and even to the Swahili Coast which played a huge part in the Arab slave trade.
The subjects include deserts, mountains, souks, Crusader castles, mosques, Arab dhows, the many splendid ruins in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, and many sketches and paintings of the fascinating people David met along the way. 
Arabian Light will be published by Search Press in May – £25   174 pages