Stage 1 of my competition entry

In my last post I undertook to keep you up to date with the progress of my competition entry for the Cox & Kings Morocco Art competition. I discussed some of my first thoughts on the treatment of the subject in the previous post and as you can see from the initial drawing I have moved the small building on the right towards the centre a little and given it more prominence so that it will act as a focal point.

Stage 1 - initial drawing

Stage 1 – initial drawing

My next consideration will be the treatment of the sky which will set the mood of the whole painting. The atmosphere in the photograph hardly needs changing but I need to simplify the clouds and to reduce the prominence of the distant mountain range which could form a strong line across the painting if I am not careful. I also want to make the most of the cloud shadow on the low hills in the middle distance to emphasize the building.

I will post the next step in a few days.

6 thoughts on “Stage 1 of my competition entry

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your process, thus giving us a learning opportunity. I wil truly value and appreciate your teachings. This is so exciting because as it is all about experiencing the process but this time, the end result will be of great significance. May the best artist win!

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