Stage 4 of my competition entry

I have made further progress on my painting for the Cox & Kings Morocco competition: The middle distance in a landscape painting is often a tricky area to tackle. It’s important to keep in mind the relative size of features compared to the foreground such as trees and bushes;   the colour temperature must be carefully controlled;  and we must resist the temptation to render too much detail to features that are distant.

morocco stage4

Stage 4 – middle distance

In the photograph there were very strong, sharply defined cloud shadows on the hills on the right and initially I painted these in as they were in the photograph but I quickly realised that they were drawing the eye too much and would compete with my focal point so I softened them considerably. The hills on the left were lighter in tone with less tonal contrast so there was no need to soften them too much.

The next stage will be the focal point, the building, and the foreground. See you in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Stage 4 of my competition entry

  1. Jenny you are creating something very special here and thanks for sharing your progress. May ask in between your stages are you working another practice painting to visualise your main work or is it all just done as it happens so to speak.

    • Hi Steven, No there is just one painting in progress. I spend about half and hour a day on it as I have a lot of other work to do. I don’t post it immediately I have finished working on it, as I like to prop it up and glance at it occasionally. That way if there is something not quite right it will make itself known. Then when I am happy I post it.

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