David Bellamy – Wonderful Distractions from Painting

    It’s been almost impossible to do much painting or writing lately, thanks to a very happy event. On 22nd February my daughter Catherine gave birth to an absolutely gorgeous little daughter, so for the first time I am now a grandad. She goes by the name of Guinevere, and I can’t wait to paint her. She’s already had a trek across the mountains at around 10,000 feet in the Italian Dolomites, when Catherine was carrying her last July, and as you can see from the photograph she is obviously deep in artistic contemplation.

For my own contemplation I’m beginning to put together thoughts and images for my next book about coastal scenery, for which I have a whole host of new work from both the UK and abroad. My Arctic book will be coming out in June, so there will be more on that later on, but it’s important to keep thinking ahead when you work on various projects. The sea has always been one of my favourite subjects, and the coastal book will be the fourth and last in my current series of how-to-paint books.

Before I go, just a quick tip on painting those boaty things – you don’t always have to insert a complicated harbour background into the composition, or indeed any sort of complex background. In this watercolour sketch I have simply brought the atmospheric sky down to meet the sand, and left it at that. Just because something is there, you don’t have to include it!

And don’t forget – if you want to get views of a boat from all angles it pays to take along a pair of wellies before you dive into that lovely mud….

28 thoughts on “David Bellamy – Wonderful Distractions from Painting

  1. Many congratulations to you and your family. I know the joy that grandchildren bring. You have joined a very special club! I love that painting.

  2. Congratulations to all of you I know how you feel having recently become a double great grandfather
    Best wishes

  3. Such an exciting time for all of you congratulations to all concerned especially mum who did all the work.
    Will there be a DVD as well as the book?

  4. Next month of July I will be grandfather for the first time. My daughter Maria will have two twin children and my wife and I are very happy. Despite all continued to use watercolor.
    Please excuse my poor English. Congratulations, thank you and a greeting.

    • Leopoldo, you have exciting times ahead, and many wonderful moments for you and your family. Thank you for your message and enjoy your painting


  5. Well done Grandad!
    Hope Catherine (and you) are doing well?
    Sadly I hear that we are expecting our first Great Grandchild – so get a grip!!
    Hope you and Jenny are keeping well?
    Vivien and I are taking our first Art Group to Valencia next month – fingers crossed!
    I hear that Classic FM are taking a group to Peru, very jealous Great memories!

    • Enjoy Spain, Barry – I hope all goes well for you.
      Looks as though you and Vivien are in for a lot of fun with a great grandchild and send all my best wishes.


  6. Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous and yes I bet you can’t wait to paint her! I love painting boats too and will look forward to your coastal book!

  7. Congratulation we hope that mom and baby are fighting fit, I am a great grandad and I know the fun that grandchildren can add to a family kind regards

  8. Congratulations, Grampa! My daughter Cerys was born on Feb 22 – 46 years ago, and we gave her a Welsh name in honour of my Welsh background – my connection is to the Inn, We Three Loggerheads in Llanferes and the Parry family.

  9. Many congratulations to you on becoming a Grandad for the first time, there is no greater feeling than this in my experience. Every good wishes to the families and God bless you all.
    Still enjoying Jenny’s pastel “On the road to Hambledon” I purchased in the long ago Petersfield Gallery days.
    Best wishes to you all

  10. Many congratulations to you on becoming a Grandad for the first time, there is no greater feeling than this in my experience. Every good wishes to the families and God bless you all.
    Still enjoying Jenny’s pastel “On the road to Hambledon” I purchased in the long ago Petersfield Gallery days.
    Best wishes

  11. Congratulations to you and your family! She is precious and what a lovely name she has.

    The boat painting is beautiful and I am looking forward to a book about coastal scenery.

  12. Congratulations to you and your family! What fun it is to have a new little one in the family. Thanks for the reminder that one doesn’t have to include every little thing that one sees in the viewfinder. Painting is not bean counting!

  13. Congratulations! You are officially a Grandad!
    Guinevere is so sweet and has a unique name. I can’t wait to see your paintings of her! Maybe she will even have your artistic talents! Helen

  14. Congratulations Grandad and all your family, We have nine grandchildren and one on the way and it’s absolutely fantastic. Keeps you young…

  15. Congratulations David. I’ve just been told that I may soon be a great granddad. Now that I find very frightening. There is an implication there that I might be getting old!!!!!!

    I look forward to the new books.

    Very best wishes to you and Jenny, Catherine and Guinevere.

    • Thank you, Nigel. I’m sure you will have a lot of fun with your great grandchild – it’s such a marvellous excuse for having yet another childhood.

      Best wishes,


  16. Congratulations, there’s nothing like it!
    It’s even more fun than having your own – you’ll never stop laughing.
    PS Looking forward to the coastal book.

  17. Warmest congratulations on your new granddaughter, impressive that she’s an intrepid traveller already. I’m also another one looking forward to adding more books to my library. Still miss Caer Beris and those outdoor sessions.

    All the best to you, Jenny and your family

    Brenda Givins
    Ottawa, Canada

  18. Dear David

    I’m delighted that you have a little granddaughter! Many congratulations! Both my grand daughters are artistic (13 and 15) and wonderful company and I’m sure you will be able to pass on some of your incredible talent and get much joy from her.

    I’m so looking forward to Lake Garda and seeing you and Jenny again.

    Love to you both, Julia

  19. Thank you, everyone for your kind comments, and as many of you say, it is a truly special club to become a grand-parent, and a very precious gift that has been bestowed on us. I shall, of course be doing some paintings of Guinevere when I get the opportunity.

    Best wishes,


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